About Us


In 1967, Hector Hugo Hernandez was born into the world of cycling. At the age of 8, Hugo began riding and working as a mechanic alongside his father, mastering the craft that would one day distinguish him as professional in his field. By the age of 9, Hugo was racing all over Mexico, winning numerous races and quickly rising to a professional level as he raced throughout his teenage years and early twenties. As he rose to the top, Hugo received offers to race throughout Europe, including the 1992 Spanish Olympics, and Latin America.

Unfortunately, due to family circumstances and poverty, he was unable to take advantage of these once in a lifetime opportunities. Instead, Hugo chose to uphold his responsibility to his family. 
Hugo went on to create a life of his own, along with his wife Angelica and his three children. While continuing to work hard with his family in the United States, Hugo managed to continue his professional racing career throughout his thirties. After enduring rigorous training during these years, Hugo gained the insight needed to reach his full potential as a cyclist and to understand the difference that a well-serviced bicycle can make on a cyclist's career.

After what has seemed like a lifetime, Hugo has finally been able to follow his passion and open his own bicycle shop. As someone who has dedicated their life to the experience of the ride, he strives to provide the best service possible to help riders in all stages of their cycling journey reach their full potential.