General Tune Up   $60

Includes a thorough wipe down and lubrication with precision brake and derailleur adjustments

Ultra Tune Up   $90

Includes everything the General Tune Up provides plus a cleaning of the chain, cassette, crank set, and frame

3H Super Tune   $120

Includes everything in the General and Ultra tune-Ups plus a mega cleaning and lube, entire deconstruction of your bicycle, wet cleaning, cable and housing replacements

Custom Bike Build   $180

Sometimes the best bicycle out there is only available in your dreams. Well at 3H cycling we can make that dream come true. We can completely build a unique and customized bicycle with whatever group set and frame you set out to obtain or order through us. Including a 3H Super Tune Up, every detail down to the tires will be up to your standards

Complete Overhaul $250

Everything included in the 3H Super Tune-Up PLUS disassembling and greasing all hubs, bearings, fork and bottom bracket as well as replacing cables and housing (black)

Custom Bike Fitting   $150

Ride with greater comfort and less strain with a three-session bike fitting. All parts are customized and scheduled sessions allow for a greater range of function. What's more, these sessions are complementary with every bicycle purchase from our store

β€œI recently found out about this small bike shop in Artesia.

The service is impeccable. Hugo has an eye for detail and is extremely knowledgeable.

I tried the professional fitting from him and feel a big difference already in my ride.

I ride smoother with less stress on back.

We are lucky that the best bike store in LA happens to be in Artesia.”

-A. Jain (GOOGLE: 2016)


Father and Son

Tube Installation: $5-$10

Front Derailleur Adjustment: $15

Rear Derailleur Adjustment: $15

Derailleur Installment $40

Brake Adjustment: $10-$15 (each)

Wheel True: $15 (each)

Overhaul: $25 (each)

Disk Brake Bleeding: $25 (each)

Suspension Service (oil): $75

Boxed Bicycle Build: $60-$120

Bicycle Boxing: $50

Wheel Respoking: $35 (each)