General Tune Up   $65

Includes a thorough wipe down and lubrication with precision brake and derailleur adjustments

Ultra Tune Up   $95

Includes everything the General Tune Up provides plus a cleaning of the chain, cassette, crank set, and frame

3H Super Tune   $130

Includes everything in the General and Ultra tune-Ups plus a mega cleaning and lube, entire deconstruction of your bicycle, wet cleaning, cable and housing replacements

Custom Bike Build   $200

Sometimes the best bicycle out there is only available in your dreams. Well at 3H cycling we can make that dream come true. We can completely build a unique and customized bicycle with whatever group set and frame you set out to obtain or order through us. Including a 3H Super Tune Up, every detail down to the tires will be up to your standards

Complete Overhaul $250

Everything included in the 3H Super Tune-Up PLUS disassembling and greasing all hubs, bearings, fork and bottom bracket as well as replacing cables and housing (black)

Custom Bike Fitting   $150

Ride with greater comfort and less strain with a three-session bike fitting. All parts are customized and scheduled sessions allow for a greater range of function. What's more, these sessions are complementary with every bicycle purchase from our store

“I recently found out about this small bike shop in Artesia. The service

is impeccable. Hugo has an eye for detail and is extremely

knowledgeable. I tried the professional fitting from him and feel a big

difference already in my ride. I ride smoother with less stress on back.

We are lucky that the best bike store in LA happens to be in Artesia.”

-A. Jain (GOOGLE: 2016)


Father and Son

Tube Installation: $5-$10

Front Derailleur Adjustment: $20

Rear Derailleur Adjustment: $20

Derailleur Installment $40

Brake Adjustment: $10-$15 (each)

Wheel True: $20 (each)

Overhaul: $25 (each)

Disk Brake Bleeding: $25 (each)

Suspension Service (oil): $85

Boxed Bicycle Build: $60-$120

Bicycle Boxing: $50

Wheel Respoking: $45 (each)

-Pricing as shown to be enacted in 2019